Anne Boleyn

Commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces, this film tells the story of Saturday 31st May 1533 when Anne Boleyn was taken in procession from the Tower through London to Westminster where she was crowned. It’s made up of recordings of local school children telling the story and animated from their drawings. This technique creates a beautiful and often comic piece of art.

We started off by going to visit primary school in Tower Hamlets and recording their thoughts and dramatisations about what it would have been like to be part of the procession. Sarah then built the story around the sound bites we’d collected and a team of animators began bringing the drawings to life.

For much of the music I used soniccouture’s Conservatoire Collection which contains several baroque instruments. There wasn’t the budget to employ live instrumentalists to portray and using the musical style and instruments of the period really sets the scene so this collection of samples was the way to do it. Listen out for the theorbo, baroque guitar and the especially excellent hurdy-gurdy!

Delivered in stereo and very special 5.0 for surround cinema projection the film was first screened in a pop up tent with 360° picture at the Tudors at the Tower Family Festival.

Watch it here: