The Tate Movie Project

My very first role at Aardman was sound assistant under Will Norie who was then staff Sound Supervisor. Aardman were embarking on a huge collaborative project with the Tate which involved collecting drawings and sound ideas from children all over the country through a website. and through a nationwide roadshow via the Tate Movie Project Bus which was a fully equipped classroom with a separate sound booth!

Little aside: the two projects I’ve done in this way since (Anne Boleyn and 500 Years of Hampton Court Palace) were done on a much smaller scale where we went to the children rather than their ideas coming to us.

In total we collected over 16 trillion sounds which all had to be listened to, categorised and archived. Then the fun part – building the story and eventually the soundtrack out of the kids very own sounds.

And, I know what you’re thinking, but a surprising amount of this collected sound made it into the final film!