To Do List App

A console style to do list. Built to practice some Javascript logic. Several different functions must be triggered from one submit button which requires the program to check for various markers each time the button is clicked.

Weather API Request

My first attempt at API requests. Skills used include pulling in data from an object, new Date(), working with Unix time: getHours() and getMinutes(). Would ideally be developed to show a 5 day / hourly forecast.

Score Keeper App

A simple ping pong score keeper app built to practice some vanilla JS concepts.Made from a 'code-along' tutorial without coding along!

Laura Izzard

This site was built to showcase my newer coding skills at the same time as keeping info online about my past film industry career. Built using Bootstrap/HTML and CSS it is fully responsive.

Oojamabobs Site

A basic website built to show off some fun products. At the moment this is built in mobile size only (400px width) - more work is needed to make it fully responsive. A shopping cart function is also planned. Built using Bootstrap/HTML and use a bit of vanilla JS to change images based on selection in the shop.

Moana Match

A classic game of pairs using characters from Disney's Moana built for my kids who are 2+3 to play on their Kindle.

Peppa Move

A personal project with no tutorial to follow. Use the arrow controllers to move Peppa around the grid and collect stars and pots of gold. Score as many points as you can in 30 seconds. Again, built for my children to play on a touchscreen device.